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Libera Cittadinanza Onlus is a non profit organisation that offers a contribution in the care of elderly people with relevant health problems. Our vision is to provide for the changing healthcare needs of the elderly by building comprehensive facilities for our ageing communities, developing innovative care models, and making sure that all patients have access to world-class care.

In particular, we try to keep the elderly at home as long as possible.


Italy is currently experiencing both rapid ageing of the population and declining purchase power of pension treatments. Therefore our main issue is to achieve the above at affordable costs for most of the families who live in our country.

Our staff:
- interview and screen perspective and experienced caregivers to be put in contact with families who need home-based assistance,
- provide training opportunities to caregivers,
- help families to set up a regular employment relationship and help them understand their rights and duties,
- work as a group purchasing organisation in the field of home healthcare, in terms of medical care as well as nursing and physiotherapy,
- provide information and support to those families who are facing the problems of dealing with parents or relatives who are no longer self-sufficient,
- help the elderly to get in touch with volunteers who might be eager to offer companionship and some help,
- offer psychological support to those people who feel overwhelmed by the changing health condition of their parents or relatives,
- develop caring solutions that help the elderly to cope with the high costs of home-based private assistance.

We do all this at the elderly’s place. At basically no cost. With no public funding.

Our charity is eager to get in touch with foreign organisations that are struggling in the same direction.

The European Union is faced with an unprecedented demographic upheaval which will have major repercussions on society as a whole. Finding common routes to cope with the problems arising as a consequence of this trend is of the utmost importance.

We would therefore be eager to take part into surveys, studies, projects that provide and propose improving practices and innovative solutions to the Third Age main issues.

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